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I was born in Abadeh, North of Fars province, 1959; grew up in Bandar Mahshahr, Khuzestan , a province in the south west of Iran. On 1979 a new chapter in my life was disclosed as I was accepted in Shahid Chamran University (SCU), Ahvaz, as a bachelor student in food science. Later and after graduated from SCU on 1986 I pursued my studies in Tarbiat Modarres University , Tehran, still involved in food science although this time I tried to take a closer look at the bread and so my master project was performed for fortification of Barbari bread, a traditional popular flat bread in Iran. The work was basically directed and supervised by Dr. Mehdi Sayyedain, who changed my life not only scientifically, but by his nice attitude and manner. Just after finishing my master program (1989) I applied for a faculty member position in Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). Meanwhile in 1988 I got married with my wife, Zahra, and our life was later decorated with our first daughter, Nastaran who was born on February 07, 1991 in Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Isfahan.  From May 1990 to December 1993 I taught several courses including Cereal Science and Technology, Meat Science, Food Packaging along with Hygienic Practice in Food Industry in department of food science. In 1993 everything went right and I got a scholarship from Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) to pursue my education toward a PhD degree. Fortunately I got an admission from University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, and so we went there on March 1994. Initially we arrived in Regina, a city in the south of the province (Saskatchewan) where I attended in an English course for two months. Later on June 1994, finally we went to Saskatoon and in September I officially started my PhD program in Department of Applied Microbiology and Food Science (now Food and Byproduct Sciences). At that time I was asked to attend five classes, which were very useful and each of them had its own fingerprint on my scientific life. At the same time I started my research work under supervision of Dr. R.T. Tyler an "angel" who was/is walking among people. The subject of my dissertation was Studies on integrated processes for the recovery of mucilage, hull, oil and protein from solin (low linolenic acid flaxseed). On February 10, 1996 our second daughter, Yasaman was born in Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon.  On March 26, 2001 my defense session was held and I was subjected to be honored by the committee members for a PhD degree in food science. Later on August 9th we left Saskatoon to Tehran, since then I am living in Isfahan and working in department of food Science.



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