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Deep fat frying performance of palm olein enriched with conjugated linoleic acid

In this study, palm olein was enriched by CLA-rich oil (Clarinol® G-80) so that final blends contained approximately 10, 20 and 30 % CLA. The blends were then used for frying of potato slices to prepare its chips. The process was conducted at 180 °C for 1 h/day in 5 consecutive days. Each batch of potato slices was fried for 3 min and total frying cycles was ten per hour in a day. The oil quality was assessed by iodine, free fatty acid, peroxide, thiobarbituric acid (TBA) and conjugated dienes (CD) values, color, total polar compounds (TPC) and fatty acids profile. At the end of frying, Totox value showed that the oils containing CLA were more stable than control sample which might be due to antioxidant effect of CLA. However, by increment in CLA content, the oil stability was decreased. The lowest change in values of TPC (18 %), CD (44.5 %) and Totox (6.3 times) belonged to the frying oil enriched by 10 % of CLArich oil. Regarding to oil qualitative parameters, it was concluded that CLA oil could be utilized successfully to enrich frying oil and increase probably nutritional value of fried food products. However, more studies are needed to substantiate the hypothesis of CLA antioxidant effect in frying oil

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