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Effects of electron beam irradiation on physicochemical, nutritional properties and storage life of five potato cultivars

This study evaluated the effects of three electron beam (e-beam) levels (0, 500 and 1000 Gy) on the sprouting and physico-chemical properties of five potato cultivars (Arinda, Burren, Sante, Agriya and Marfona) stored at 10 °C for 180 days. Sprouting of all cultivars was entirely inhibited by e-beam irradiation. The contents of sucrose and reducing sugars (glucose and fructose) and the weight loss of tubers were increased while the tuber firmness and starch content were decreased over the cold storage period. Potato cultivar differences were evident in tuber weight loss, starch and sugars contents and the activity of α-amylase but not for firmnessand titratable acidity. The reductions in firmness and weight loss measured at days 90 and 180 after storage were less in the irradiated than in non-irradiated tubers. The contents of reducing sugars in tubers were in most cases increased bye-beam, especially at higher dose of irradiation. Titratable acidity was reduced but α-amylase activity was increased only immediately after irradiation. The results from this study showed that e-beam irradiation, regardless of cultivar, inhibited sprouting and decreased loss weight and firmness but except in Buren cultivar at low dose of irradiation increased the content of reducing sugars in the potato tubers stored at 10 °C.

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