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Effects of pumpkin powder addition on the rheological, sensory, and quality attributes of Taftoon bread

Background and objectives: Incorporation of dietary fibers into bread can add to nutritional composition of the finished product; however, they change the rheological properties of the dough and final product quality. The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of pumpkin powder on the rheological properties of the dough and the quality of Taftoon bread.
Findings: Addition of pumpkin powder significantly increased the dough development time, dough stability, and farinograph quality number and however decreased water absorption. The pumpkin powder caused an increase in the dough extensibility, resistance, and resistance coefficient. The shear stress and thus the bread staling increased with a rise in the pumpkin powder content. The yellowness of the bread containing the pumpkin powder was significantly higher than that of the control bread.
Conclusions: Pumpkin powder improved the nutritional value of the bread without any negative effect on the sensory attributes of the final product. The bread produced with 10% pumpkin powder had the highest score of overall acceptability compared to standard Taftoon without pumpkin powder.
Significance and novelty: A large number of studies have been conducted to relate the effect of fibers to dough rheology and bread quality, but very little has been emphasized on Taftoon bread.

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