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Enzymatic Interesterification of Structured Lipids Containing CLA With Palm Stearin for Possible Margarine Production

Structured lipids containing conjugated linoleic acid as a functional ingredient were blended with palm stearin in the ratios of 30 : 70, 40 : 60, 50 : 50, 60 : 40 and 70 : 30 (wt/wt). The blends were subjected to enzymatic interesterification by Candida antarctica lipase. After interesterification of the blends, changes in the physical properties of the products, including lower melting points and solid fat contents along with different melting behaviors, were evidenced. Analysis of triacylglycerols (TAG) of the interesterified blends showed a decrease in the concentration of high-melting TAG. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed, that all the reacted blends were predominantly in the b’ crystal form. The mixture could be used for the formulation of margarines or other, similar products.

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