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A model for measuring the performance of the meat supply chain

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the characteristics and performance of the meat supply chain by focusing on developing a model for measuring the meat supply chain’s performance in the province of Isfahan, Iran. Using a combination of literature review, Delphi approach and case study research, the paper examines part of the meat supply chain that consists of three industrial slaughterhouses, two cold rooms, three factories and more than 20 supermarkets and it then presents a framework to assess the performance of the industry in the region. The methodology suggests indices for strategic and tactical levels in a meat industry as a The proposed framework for the performance measurement of the chain was applied in strategic and tactical levels in which the ranking of indices are also among the achievements of this study. Results show that there are six main criteria required to measure the meat industry’s performance. Literature shows no record of an integrated measurement system for the entire food supply chain where indicators are combined into a performance function to assess the overall performance of the industry.

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