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Multiplex-PCR as a rapid and sensitive meat species in halal meat Products

Abstract: Background: Species identification and authentication in meat products are important subjects for ensuring the health of consumers. The multiplex-PCR amplification and species– specific primer set were used for the identification of horse, donkey, pig and other ruminants in raw and processed meat products.

Methods: Oligonucleotid primers were designed and patented for amplification of species-specific mitochondrial DNA sequences of each species and samples were prepared from binary meat mixtures.

Results: The results showed that meat species were accurately determined in all combinations by

multiplex-PCR, and the sensitivity of this method was 0.001 ng, rendering this technique open to and suitable for use in industrial meat products. It is concluded that more fraud is seen in lower percentage industrial meat products than in higher percentage ones. There was also more fraud found in processed products than in raw ones.

Conclusion: This rapid and useful test is recommended for quality control firms for applying more rigorous controls over industrial meat products, for the benefit of target consumers.

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