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Octenylsuccination of sago starch and investigation of the effect of calcium chloride and ferulic acid on physicochemical and functional properties of the modified starch film.

Sago starch was esterified with octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA). Physicochemical and functional properties of obtained starch derivative were investigated. Then, film from OSA‐modified starch was prepared to investigate the effect of starch modification on the film characteristics. Calcium chloride and ferulic acid was also added to modified starch solution to improve film characteristics. Modification of starch was confirmed according to Fourier transformation infrared spectrum. OSA‐modified starch had improved functional properties of starch paste as its water adsorption, solubility in water, emulsifying activity, and clarity was increased. The result of scanning electron microscopy images and X‐ray diffraction spectra showed that modification of sago starch with OSA destroyed the granular structure of starch. Solubility in water, water adsorption, water vapor permeability (WVP), elongation at break, transparency, and air‐water contact angle of the starch film increased by starch modification. However, water adsorption and WVP of modified film containing calcium chloride and ferulic acid decreased.

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