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Optimization of Gelatin Extraction From Chicken Deboner Residue Using Response Surface Methodology

This study aims to investigate the optimization of gelatin extraction from chicken deboner residue. An optimization procedure using a central composite design with three factors (HCl concentration, extraction temperature, and extraction time) was used in order to investigate the effects of these parameters on extraction yield, g-f, viscosity, and lightness. It was found that the optimum conditions for producing gelatin using response surface methodology (RSM) included an acid concentration of 6.73% and an extraction temperature of 86.8 °C for 1.95 h. The predicted responses for these extraction conditions included a yield of 10.2%, a g-f of 526 g, a viscosity of 5.85 cP, and a lightness of 70.0. Verification experiments were conducted under optimal conditions to compare predicted and actual values of the dependent variables. Both actual and predicted values were found to nearly coincide, confirming that the estimation models were capable of reasonably and accurately predicting the dependent variables.

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