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Some Nutritional Quality and Sensory Attributes of Wheat Flours Fortified with Iron and Zinc

The effects of fortification of two different flours with 60 ppm Fe, 60 ppm Fe plus 2 ppm folic acid, 60 ppm Fe plus 30 ppm Zn and 30 ppm Zn were investigated. Iron and Zn were applied from the source of ferrous sulfate and zinc sulfate, respectively. Fortification treatments had significant effects on Zn and Fe concentrations in the flour, dough and bread. Addition of Zn to the flour significantly (P < 0.05) decreased the molar ratio of phytic acid to Zn in bread. Fortification of flour with ferrous sulfate impaired the color, taste and overall acceptability of Khabbazi bread. Double fortification of flours with Fe and Zn is useful to enhance nutritional quality of food, but addition of Fe may adversely change the color, taste and overall acceptability of bread.

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