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Vinyl Chloride Removal From an Air Stream by Biotrickling Filter

A biofiltration process was used for degradation of vinyl chloride as a hazardous material in the air stream. Three biotrickling filters in series–parallel allowing uniform feed and moisture distribution all over the bed were used. Granular activated carbon mixed with compost was employed as carrier bed. The biological culture consisted of mixture of activated sludge from PVC waste water treatment plant. Concurrent flow of gas and liquid was used in the bed. Results indicated that during the operation period of 110 days, the biotrickling bed was able to remove over 35% of inlet vinyl chloride. Maximum elimination capacity was calculated to be 0.56 g.m3.hr1. The amount of chlorine accumulated in the circulating liquid due to the degradation of vinyl chloride was measured to be equal to the vinyl chloride removed from the air stream.

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